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In a generation where companies from all sectors are constantly on their toes to inculcate the next step of improvement and enhance their productivity in every area of the business by conducting research and development to conducting surveys. Businesses thrive for the slightest of modifications to make their manufacturing efficient and effective by reducing errors and boosting the value provided to the consumer. As numerous companies are adapting to digital solutions it also draws complexity on how to accomplish these objectives in a brief period of time and also sustainable and at the same time assemble the previous data and make it accessible for the future.
Digital twins hold the potential to achieve these objectives with excellent impact both effectively and efficiently empowering leaders to get a complete insight into the data and structure of their business to detect early flaws and potential opportunities giving them an upper hand on implementing quick responsive applications to curb the crack or to eradicate any concern before it is triggered even before the business could set up.

Digital Twin & Smart Manufacturing is a 2-day networking event that will invite visionary speakers, industry experts, innovative digital twin, and digital manufacturing technology providers on one platform and facilitate the discussion pertaining to the current trends and Future innovation in the field of Digital Twin.

Key Discussions

Why should you attend?

Expert speakers

Great Networking Opportunities

Explore Innovative Technologies

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Who Should Attend?​

CXOs, VPs, Directors, Heads, & Managers of:
  • Digitalization 
  • Industrial Innovation 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Design Process and Tools
  • Data Scientists
  • Process Simulation
  • Simulation & Virtualization
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Digital Twin
  • Digital Engineering
  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology 
  • Innovation 
  • Digital Design and Delivery  
  • Information Technology 
  • Production 
  • Operations
Industries attending:
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Healthcare and medical devices
  • Pharma
  • Consumer Durables
  • Electrical & electronics
  • Energy
  • Consumer Products
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals manufacturing

Topics to be Covered:


Jesper Toubøl

Jesper Toubøl

VP operations
Nicolas Lehment

Nicolas Lehment

Principal System Architect
Dimitrios Kyritsis

Dimitrios Kyritsis

Professor Emeritus
Behrang Ashtari

Behrang Ashtari

Solution Architect
Christian Markussen

Christian Markussen

Global practice lead for digital twins
Kai Altstaedt

Kai Altstaedt

System Architect Digitalization
Steve Brown

Steve Brown

Head of Digital Twins
Alex Samchenko

Alex Samchenko

NPI Engineering Manager
Anil Uttamchandani

Anil Uttamchandani

Director, Digital Engineering
Fabian Schöfer

Fabian Schöfer

Dipl. designer
Hussein Tarhini

Hussein Tarhini

Head of Additive Academy
Jonathan Eyre

Jonathan Eyre

Senior Technical Fellow in Digital Twins

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Berlin, Germany
Titanic Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport – Airport


Museumsinsel station.



Titanic Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

Franz. Str. 30, 10117 Berlin, Germany